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Premier Companion Pet Transport Across North America

Embark on a journey that redefines pet travel. Our service is not just a trip; it's an experience that allows pet owners to be with their pets in surroundings of luxury. We specialize in providing a serene travel environment for your dogs and cats, ensuring that every mile spent together is a memory cherished.

Personalized Luxury Pet Transportation

  • Companion-Focused Travel: We set ourselves apart from standard pet transfer services by offering a unique, owner-accompanied travel experience. Your presence is the best comfort for your pet, and we facilitate that bond throughout the journey.
  • Personalized Pet Travel Solutions: As experts in pet transport within Canada and dedicated dog and cat transport services, we curate journeys that cater to the specific needs of your pet, ensuring they receive royal treatment.
  • Comfort Without Compromise: Your pet deserves the best, and our luxury pet transport service delivers just that. Spacious, climate-controlled vehicles ensure your pet's journey is as comfortable as your own.

Services Provided

Our comprehensive Pet Transport Service offers more than just transportation. At Airport Luxury Limousine, we cater to a variety of your pet's travel needs, ensuring comfort and safety every step of the way.

  • Veterinary Transport Services: We provide safe and timely transport for your pet's doctor's appointments. Our Veterinary Visit Transportation ensures your pet arrives promptly for their health check-ups or treatments, reducing the stress of veterinary visits.
  • Pet Grooming Transportation: Enjoy stress-free and convenient transportation to grooming sessions. We understand the importance of regular grooming for your pet's health and hygiene, and our Pet Grooming Transportation service ensures your pet arrives safely and comfortably for their grooming appointments.
  • Long-Distance Pet Travel: Our Cross-Province and USA Travel services are perfect for long-distance journeys. Whether you're relocating or taking a trip, we cover extensive travel across Canadian provinces and cross border car services into the USA, ensuring a comfortable journey for your pet.
  • Point-to-Point Pet Transport: Whether it's a specific location within the city or a longer journey, our Point-to-Point Pet Transport service ensures your pet reaches their destination safely and comfortably. We provide personalized transport to any location you choose, guaranteeing a smooth and direct journey for your pet.
  • Airport Pet Transfer Service: Our Airport Transfer service is tailored for pets and owners traveling by air. We provide convenient transportation to and from airports, making air travel easier for you and your pet

With Airport Luxury Limousine, you can trust that your pet's travel needs are met with the highest standards of safety and comfort. Our specialized pet transport services are designed to cater to your pet's specific travel needs, ensuring a pleasant and worry-free experience for both you and your pet.

Premier Pet Transportation Services

At Airport Luxury Limousine, we pride ourselves on offering Premium Pet Transportation Services, where every journey is an epitome of luxury and comfort. Our Deluxe Pet Limousine Service boasts a fleet that represents the best in luxury pet travel, thoughtfully designed to guarantee your pet's journey is as enjoyable and comfortable as your own. We go beyond just transportation with our All-Inclusive Pet Relocation Services, which encompass everything from door-to-door relocations to comprehensive airport transportation, all tailored to the unique needs of you and your pet. Understanding the importance of a stress-free journey, our services are crafted to create a relaxed and safe environment for your pets, thereby ensuring peace of mind for you, the pet owner. With Airport Luxury Limousine, every detail is considered to provide an unmatched pet travel experience that prioritizes safety, comfort, and luxury.

Why Choose Car Transport Over Air Travel for Your Pet?

At Airport Luxury Limousine, we understand the unique needs of your pet. Here are key reasons why our car transport service is a superior choice compared to air travel for pets:

1. Reducing Pet Anxiety: Just like humans, pets can experience heightened anxiety when separated from their owners. Our service ensures your pet is never alone, providing a calming presence throughout the journey.

2. Avoiding the Cargo Hold: Air travel often means pets are placed in the cargo hold, which can be an unsettling and uncomfortable experience. In contrast, our luxury car service offers a safe, temperature-controlled environment, ensuring your pet's comfort even during the harsh Canadian winter.

3. Airlines' Pet Restrictions: Many airlines have restrictions on pet travel, with some not allowing pets at all or only accepting smaller breeds. Our service also welcomes medium to large dogs, with open arms.

4. No Need for Medication: Avoid the stress and potential health risks of medicating your pet for air travel. Our road transport provides a more natural and relaxed environment.

5. Regular Breaks and Care: In a plane, pets can't be let out for bathroom breaks, often leading to discomfort and mess. Our service includes regular stops to ensure your pet stays clean and comfortable. Plus, we maintain a regular feeding schedule to keep them happy and healthy.

By choosing Airport Luxury Limousine for your pet's travel, you're opting for a service that prioritizes their comfort, safety, and overall well-being. Experience the difference with us – where your pet's journey is as important as the destination.

Important Considerations for Our Pet Transport Service

Specializing in Cats and Dogs: Airport Luxury Limousine's pet transport service is tailored specifically for cats and dogs, ensuring the highest level of care and comfort for these beloved animals. If you have a different type of pet, please feel free to inquire about our ability to accommodate their transport needs.

Traveling with Your Pet: We highly recommend that pet owners travel with their furry companions. Your presence significantly enhances their comfort and reduces anxiety during the journey. Our service is designed to make this shared travel experience as pleasant as possible for both you and your pet.

Safety and Comfort in Crates: For the safety and well-being of your pets during transit, they will be accommodated in secure, comfortable crates. These crates are designed to provide a safe, cozy space for your pet, ensuring they feel secure throughout their travel.

Service Coverage Area: Our luxurious pet transport service is available throughout Canada and the USA, with the exception of Mexico. This extensive coverage ensures that we can cater to your pet transport needs across a wide geographical area.

Cross-Border Travel Documentation: For clients requiring cross-border pet transport, it's important to have the appropriate documents ready for your pets. Please ensure you are fully prepared with all necessary documentation for cross-border travel. Our service focuses solely on providing safe and comfortable transportation for your pets across international borders.


For official guidelines on safe and responsible pet travel, including necessary preparations and travel policies, refer to the Government of Canada's guidelines on travelling with animals.

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Carolyn Callero
  May 18, 2024

Had to go to Pearson airport recently and scheduled an airport limousine, and they were absolutely fabulous on time carried my luggage out, clean vehicle, very professional!

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nancy cipryk
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On time Friendly, helpful drivers

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Professional, on time, clean limo, courteous driver and we would definitely use your company again.

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  May 13, 2024

Nazia arrived promptly to pick us up from YYZ. We were very tired and my phone had no power and so we hadnt received the confirmation texts with the plate and vehicle information. No problem. I loved that she offered to stop off for a tea or coffee if we wanted, and that she had power cables to charge our phone. Seamless, smooth and sleepy(us) drive home. Thank you again.

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Laurie Calverley
  May 04, 2024

Highly, highly recommend Airport Luxury Limousine. Our driver was very personable. He was a little early and we had a very relaxing drive from Barrie to Terminal 1. We will be booking with you for the trip home on May 19!!!

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